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Motown Historical Museum Detroit
» Looking for Motown Historical Museum in Detroit?

Motown Historical Museum

Founded in 1985 by Esther Gordy Edwards, Motown Historical Museum is one of Detroit’s most popular tourist destinations. Each year, the museum attracts thousands of nationwide and international visitors. Besides the mission of preserving the legacy of Motown Record Corporation, the Museum also educates and motivates people, especially youth, through exhibitions and programs that promote the values of vision, creativity and entrepreneurship. I, myself as a fan of "the best of the best" museum , herein introduce some useful information for the visitors when they come to visit the museum.

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1. Location - Motown Historical Museum is located at 2648 West Grand Boulevard in Detroit, Michigan (East of Rosa Parks Boulevard and West of John C. Lodge (US 10), so it is very convenient for all visitors to get in from any directions.

2. History - The museum gives a representation of the growth of Motown from a small start-up business begun in 1959 to become the largest independent record company in the world by the mid-70s. Berry Gordy, Jr. bought the two family flat at 2648 West Grand Boulevard and named it “Hitsville USA.” in 1959. The apartment has been restored as its appearance in 1959-1960 when it was home to Gordy and his young family.Then it was converted into office space for songwriters and producers, when Gordy and his family moved to a separate residence . Nowadays, the apartment still contains the original master bedroom set, living room sofa as well as the dining room table that served as the “shipping department” in the company’s earliest days.

3. Exhibition - Coming to visit the Motown Historical Museum, tourists will gaze with veneration at the exhibition on everything dealing with this musical style. It is a showroom of a fascinating collection of historical photographs, artwork, music, costumes and other memorabilia from this booming musical era. Each item in the museum, even the smallest one, also gives visitors a story – from the $800 loan given to Berry Gordy, Jr. by the Gordy family savings club (the Ber-Berry Co-op) to produce his first record that explodes popularity of Motown’s artists throughout the world. Walking through the fully restored apartment, visitors take a step back to the time that Motown’s greatest hits were recorded. Moreover, the museum exhibits trace the roots of Motown’s remarkable story and chronicle which impact the 20th century popular culture and musical styles. At the Motown Historical Museum, visitors observe original stage uniforms worn by famous Motown artists, sheet music, early promotional materials, rare photos and other significant items relative to this remarkable story.

4. Museum hours - As this is a popular destination for all age groups, the museum offers tours regularly during normal hours. It is open on Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, with hours on Monday as well during July and August.

5. Entry fee - The museum also offers special tours for school classes, church organizations, family reunions, and other groups. Certainly, larger groups can be in advance. Price ranges from $6 to $10 per person depending on age and size of the tour.

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6. Awards - Was there in the beginning, 1959, Ms. Esther Gordy-Edwards was a key employer in the museum. She was the first woman elected as a board member of the Detroit Bank of the Commonwealth in the mid-1970’s, the first woman elected to the board of the Greater Detroit Chamber of Commerce in 1973. With her achievements and corporate family legacy, Ms. Gordy-Edwards has spent decades moving up the Motown Historical Museum–popularly and illustriously.

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