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Attraction in Detroit City

  • Detroit City
    Detroit is a city of the Michigan state of the United States. It is the largest city in the Michigan and the seat of the Wayne country and is also called as the world’s automotive centre. This city has the nick names as the motor city and Motown.

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    In the Midwest region of the United States, the Detroit city is a major port city on the banks of the river Detroit. The Detroit city is ranked as the 11th most populous city. It provides place and shelter for about 919,123 people.

  • Tourism Places of Detroit City
    The Detroit has many historical places and entertainment hubs. Apart from these, Detroit also hosts many annual cultural and festivals like the River days, a five day festival, Electronic music festival, North American international auto show and the street art exhibit.

    Henry Ford, a son of a faer built a car in this city. It was his home town. The uniqueness of Ford’s invention is that, the car he invented can move with wheels. He founded a tourist attraction in 1929 and named The Henry Ford. The Henry Ford is spread across 90 acres of land and together with its exhibits; it brings the experience of the whole American life.

    Henry Ford estate is the place where the famous Henry Ford lived with his wife Clara. Their mansion has many personal artefacts and is a National Historic Landmark. This property is now a part of the University of Michigan campus.

  • Ambassador Bridge
    The Ambassador Bridge is built across the Detroit River and is one of the tourist attractions. It is 150 feet above the Detroit River and allows even the tallest of ships. It is 9,200 feet long and was opened in 1929. While passing, the bridge gives a view of the river, the city and St.Clair and Erie lakes.

  • Detroit Historical Museum
    The Detroit Historical Museum is a museum where the history of the city is displayed. It displays from the time when Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, who is the founder of the city landed on the banks of the river Detroit. The museum also gives as the opportunity to walk through the old Detroit city and explore the 19th Centaury shops.

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  • Beaches
    Detroit has also many beaches like Metro beach, Heath beach to savour the sun. The Metro beach is 1000 feet beach allowing the visitors to surf the sea. These beaches provide resorts, water pools, shops, rest rooms and bathhouses.

    Detroit also provides us plenty of outdoor activities. For example, if you wish to walk and hike, you can go to the Belle Isle Park. The park is spread for 1000 acres and it gives plenty of fun for you. In general Detroit is a place to enjoy a lot.

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